Catching Up

I have SO much to write about, but I have been SO sick the past week. It was a combination of being WAY too busy the week before, not getting enough sleep, traveling, resting (stopping everything long enough to get sick), traveling more, and then my body just shutting down.
I flew home very early Tuesday morning after getting literally about 1.5 hours of sleep, got home and went through work email, etc..., and then slept, and slept, and slept... and then had to take two sick days off of work and slept more, and went through a roll of toilet paper with my runny/stuffy nose. I went to work yesterday, but also felt horrible!
My friend Becky brought me the best Chicken Soup!
I haven't been quite this sick in a while- Much more sick than with than the common cold, but not quite sure it was the full blown flu (never threw up), but I did have a fever a few times. UGH- I thought I had skipped the sick season this year (Colin has been sick a few times and I never got it- hoping he doesn't catch this!)
Anyways- All of this to say, I am hopefully on the mend and will get to working on posting about the past couple weeks (Lots to say!!) and the upcoming house projects we hopefully will be doing this week in prep for Colin's parents coming in May (Colin's on spring break this week- lucky him!).
Even today we were going to start and get paint, etc, but we ended up getting a bunch of snow so didn't go out... and what did I do?

Drank lots of tea, watched a movie, and then took a 4 hour nap! Woke up at 9pm :) BAM!

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