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A couple weeks ago my sister and nephew Phoenix were in town. I got to hang out with him a few times and it was honestly so nice. I love him so very much. I worry a lot about him too. He's definitely a handful, but this trip we did so much more hanging out and being together and I really didn't have to 'parent' him or even discipline him at all. He's getting to that age where we can have nice conversations and I love hearing about his life. We don't get to talk on the phone that much and I only get to see him about 2x a year, so I was so happy to have been able to spend all the time with him that I did. We had a lot of fun together.

I picked him up when I got off work and we met my cousin bowling. He got his second strike ever and was super impressed with himself. In the past he would have gotten really grumpy and upset if he wasn't doing everything perfectly, but this time, he really just went with it and he seemed to enjoy just trying and playing the game.

 Colin met us after class and we played a few games at the arcade.

With the tickets he won, he bought three mini ninja figures, a Chinese finger trap, and a war head. Every time Phoenix spends the night, we have a little slumber party with the dogs. In the past he would sleep right on the floor with them on a pillow bed. This time we slept on the couch and the dogs slept with us :)

The next day we got some coffee and went to the zoo. I let him borrow my other camera and I brought my newer one.
And now- Phoenix and my photography collaboration at the zoo:

crazy, upside down baby monkey 

by Phoenix 
by Phoenix

by Phoenix 
by Phoenix
by Phoenix- love this one 
These were all by me. I was a little obsessed with the pink birds (Flamingos and others)
look at that grey one!

the tips of their wings are black. They look like they're dipped in ink


After the zoo, Colin and I took him for Indian food. He tried it, although I'm not sure he liked it that much. I just wanted to give him a different experience and for him to try something out of his normal routine. I had such a good time together! I can't wait to see him again!Love that guy! 

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